Thursday, December 5, 2013

Clearfork Food Park

Well, I finally made it to our local food truck park, Clearfork Food Park. I've been many times, but have never done an official review.

Having visitors over the Thanksgiving holiday gave me the excuse to visit, with the express reason being a review.

View of the parking lot

The Park: Sitting right next to the Trinity River, this park offers great food as well as a great view. The trucks ring the main eating area. There are plenty of outdoor tables as well as a covered area in the center that can be enclosed and heated when it's cold. There is a view of the river from all the tables. Across the river you can see the train from the Fort Worth Zoo. Along the river is a walking trail, so you can take a stroll to burn off your eats. There is also plenty of parking that is close to the eating area.

The Bar: There is a permanent bar that serves beer and wine. We had a hankering for margaritas, but they only served beeritas, so we stuck with beer. The beer is on tap and in bottles, and there is a nice selection.

Bathrooms: No port-a-potties here. The permanent bar has real bathrooms.

The Trucks: There is a wide variety of trucks, but my one disappointment is that there never seems to be a dessert truck when I go there. I'm not sure if they ever have one. I don't always want dessert, but the option would be nice.

Made our choice

The Review: There were 4 of us eating, and 3 of us ate from the same truck. The one that didn't got a salad from Salsa Limon, and it was less than impressive. Ordinary would be the only way to describe this salad. I've only ordered from Salsa Limon once, and didn't like the food at all. A soggy roll made that meal almost inedible.

On the positive side, the rest of us ordered from Top Nosh and were glad we did.

Asian Tacos with a Sierra Nevada on tap

I had Asian tacos, which were Korean Bulgogi topped by cabbage and sriracha aioli. The taco shells were light but held the toppings well. The beef was delicious and tender, the red cabbage was fresh and crunchy, and the aioli had just the right amount of spice. I was afraid it would be too spicy, but it was just right. My companions both had beef dishes.

Cheese Steak Sandwich

One was a cheese Steak sandwich. Melt-in-your-mouth beef that was tasty and juicy on a large roll topped with feta and fried spinach, it was not your typical cheese Steak sandwich, but worth getting.

Gourmet Sloppy Joe

The other beef dish was a gourmet sloppy Joe. I'm NOT a fan of sloppy Joes, but this sandwich proved that you can elevate this ordinary dish. The taste was beyond words. It almost had a goulash feel to it, with a thick gravy and perfect spices. It was just slightly better than the cheese Steak sandwich, but not by much.

Head over to Clearfork when you get a chance.

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